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Technology Introducing Promote: Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

When it comes to customer relationship management, SalonBooker users now have a unique advantage. Running a salon with SalonBooker means that every interaction you have with a client is automatically tracked – from the first appointment, to formula notes, to each purchase they make thereafter.

With so much client data available, we thought about how we can use it to help you increase client loyalty, appointment bookings, and revenue. The biggest challenge? Building a simple solution that doesn’t take much effort. We understand that busy managers don’t have a lot of time to spare on client outreach.

We developed a marketing system that works hand-in-hand with SalonBooker and tested it with some of our salon clients. We’re excited to officially launch it today:

Introducing Promote.

Promote is our new preset email program that sends attractive offers to clients that haven’t booked their next appointment. It scans client information saved in SalonBooker and automatically sends smart discounts based on their last visits.

In the first three months of testing, Promote generated an average of 10x return on investment for our clients. We’re so confident in what it can do for your salon that we’re backing it up with a guarantee.

To learn more about Promote, watch the video or visit

You can also check out our press release.

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