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Salon management and staff scheduling made easy.

SalonBooker is packed with salon management tools to ensure the smooth operations of your salon. Eliminate manual staff scheduling to ensure optimal service coverage for every shift, every day with SalonBooker. Simply enter your employees’ weekly schedule, and it will automatically update through the end of the year. Our intuitive salon business software synchronizes your employees’ schedules with your calendar to simplify managing and booking appointments. Give your employees mobile access to connect to SalonBooker; empowering stylists to check their schedules so you don’t have to.

Salon Employee Schedule Payroll | Staff Management

Spend less time doing payroll, and do more of what you love.

Simplify the payroll process with salon management software made for you. Whether you pay hourly, salary, commission, or a combination of both, SalonBooker gives multiple compensation options to support any payment structure. From tracking employee hours, service deductions, or settling tips, our salon management software provides fast, accurate, and efficient solutions to help reduce time spent conducting payroll.   



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