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Breathe easy with error-free scheduling for clients and employees.

Your appointment book is the center of your business and is essential for successfully managing your day-to-day operations. With SalonBooker, your appointment book is powered by cutting-edge salon scheduling software designed with an understanding of exactly how your salon works. In a single glance, you can see a complete view of your daily salon appointments, by time or by stylist, and easily move, adjust, or cancel scheduled services. Drag and drop appointments, book multiple clients for one stylist at different times, and even manage gap processing time.

Legendary salon calendar management.

SalonBooker, salon scheduling software, features an intuitive salon appointment book with an easy-to-use key legend. Type in the first few letters of a name or service code, and SalonBooker automatically populates all associated information to simplify and reduce the time it takes to book an appointment. Our key legend makes it easy to identify new clients, memberships, multiple services, confirmation status, no-shows, payment status, and much more all in one central location.

Salon Scheduling Software | Appointment Booking

Why wait to fill your appointment book?

SalonBooker provides flexible and comprehensive recording of wait list information, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to fill a desired salon appointment time slot once it becomes available. Manage your wait list for the current business day, future dates, and even scheduled classes to maximize your salon’s productivity.


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