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With SalonBooker salon management software, you can focus on the two things that matter to you most; connecting with your clients and growing your business. Develop targeted email campaigns designed to engage and entice your clients with all that your salon has to offer.

Salon Email Marketing Software | Salon Promotion

Communicate and they will come.

There are many points in your clients’ relationships where effective communication can both improve their experience and increase your salon’s revenue. Create customized emails for individual clients, groups, or your entire client list. Send individual emails to fill last-minute appointment cancellations, special salon promotions to a group of your VIP clients, or notify your entire client list during the holiday season. 

Execute your salon marketing strategy with confidence.

SalonBooker gives you the power to leverage your client database, creatively execute your salon marketing strategy, and track the effectiveness of your promotional marketing efforts. Our one-time setup of emails and salon promotions means hands-free marketing; giving you more time to focus on what you enjoy most – enhancing your clients' experience.

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